Monday, September 3, 2012

The Great Controversy Issue

The plan of salvation is set in the context of the great controversy between Christ and Satan. The gospel must address the fundamental issues in that conflict, whatever they happen to be. So if, as many suppose, the great controversy is fundamentally a dispute over the character of God, then the plan of redemption is merely a campaign to convince people that God is love. In that model, the judgment gets turned upside down, so that instead of us being judged, God is the one who is on trial. This is all just as Satan would have it. Introducing pseudo issues is part of his strategy.

In a political campaign, contending candidates often resort to attacking their opponent’s character. But multi-billion dollar political races are not held merely to evaluate the characters of those who enter. The politicians’ real object is to win the election and take the office.

The real great controversy issues are that Satan has rebelled against God’s government, he disputes Christ’s authority, and he wants to win the allegiance of all created beings to himself.  Read more . . .

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