Sunday, September 16, 2012

Daniel Arranged Chronologically

A couple of months ago I published an electronic book for the iPad that enables you to study the book of Daniel chronologically by kingdom. So all the prophecies in Daniel that relate to Medo-Persia, for example, are brought together. And all the prophecies that relate to Grecia are grouped together. This makes a great outline for the study of history. And by comparing what each chapter says about the same kingdom, we get a broader picture of the Bible's overall emphasis in regard to that kingdom.

I know of academies that have gone textbook free and are teaching all their classes on iPads. This would be a great resource for a school like that in teaching history and Bible prophecy together. This would also be a useful tool in conducting a Daniel seminar for the public. But anyone interested in better understanding the book of Daniel will find new insights here.

The electronic book is entitled, God Rules! The History of Daniel.

See the iTunes Preview

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