Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It Matters

Two trees in the midst of the garden
Grew in the very same way.
But it mattered which tree Eve partook of,
And the difference is still felt today.

It mattered which type of an offering
Was brought by Abel and Cain.
The Lord had respect unto Abel's,
But Cain's substitute wasn't the same.

It mattered to Nadab and Abihu
which fire they offered with sin.
“Isn't one fire as good as another?”
They tragically reasoned within.

David well knew God's instructions
How the sacred ark should be moved,
But ignored the crucial specifics
As the death of Uzzah proved.

“Why must I dip in the Jordan?”
Naaman asked in a huff.
“Aren't the rivers of Damascus far better?”
No, Naaman, they're not good enough.
“And why must I dip seven times?
Won't dip number one do the trick?”
Had Naaman ignored the specifics,
He'd have returned to his home still sick.

When God gives specific instructions
For a task that we're to do,
He intends for us to perform it
The way He has asked us to.

When He tells us we are to do it
In a certain particular way,
He doesn't intend us to change it
To suit what others might say.

He often specifies details
Extremely important to Him,
That people regard far too lightly
And make alterations at whim.

There's a purpose for each of God's precepts,
The “why” we may never have heard.
And we, though we may not discern it,
Are safe only in following each word.

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