Sunday, August 31, 2014

Method of Labor

"To reach the people, wherever they are, and whatever their position or condition, and to help them in every way possible – this is true ministry." The Ministry of Healing, p. 156

"Your work upon earth is to go forth and live over again in meekness and lowliness of heart the life of Christ." Advance, March 1, 1899

"What Christ was on this earth, the Christian worker should strive to be." Gospel Workers, p. 121

"True missionary work is that in which the Saviour's work is best represented, His methods most closely copied, His glory best promoted." Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 6, p. 230

"God's purpose in committing to men and women the mission that He committed to Christ is to disentangle His followers from all worldly policy and to give them a work identical with the work that Christ did." Medical Ministry, pp. 24, 25

"Remember that you are not to choose your own work, or to follow your own ways, but to look to Jesus as your guide and pattern." Sons and Daughters of God, p. 89

"The followers of Christ are to labor as He did." The Desire of Ages, p. 350

"Live as He lived, and work as He worked." The Desire of Ages, pp. 679, 799

"Christ's servants are to follow His example." Christ's Object Lessons, p. 233

"I saw the wisdom and goodness of Jesus in giving power to the disciples to carry on the same work for which He had been hated and slain by the Jews." Early Writings, p. 197

"It is the divine plan that we shall work as the disciples worked. Physical healing is bound up with the gospel commission. In the work of the gospel, teaching and healing are never to be separated." The Ministry of Healing, p. 141

"Everywhere there is a tendency to substitute the work of organizations for individual effort. Human wisdom tends to consolidation, to centralization, to the building up of great churches and institutions. . . . Christ commits to His followers an individual work – a work that cannot be done by proxy. Ministry to the sick and the poor, the giving of the gospel to the lost, is not to be left to committees or organized charities. Individual responsibility, individual effort, personal sacrifice, is the requirement of the gospel." The Ministry of Healing, p. 147

"The monotony of our service for God needs to be broken up. Every church member should be engaged in some line of service for the Master. . . . Every church should be a training school for Christian workers. Its members should be taught how to give Bible readings, how to conduct and teach Sabbath-school classes, how best to help the poor and to care for the sick, how to work for the unconverted. There should be schools of health, cooking schools, and classes in various lines of Christian help work. There should not only be teaching, but actual work under experienced instructors." The Ministry of Healing, p. 149

"Many professed Christians, in seeking church relationship, think only of themselves. They wish to enjoy church fellowship and pastoral care. They become members of large and prosperous churches, and are content to do little for others. . . . They need to go where their energies will be called out in Christian work and they can learn to bear responsibilities." The Ministry of Healing, p. 151

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