Saturday, October 9, 2021

Answering Objections to the Literal View of Daniel 11:40-45

When I first read Uriah Smith's explanation of the last part of Daniel 11, I thought it was weird. Why would the Bible be talking about Turkey? I liked Smith's comments about most of Daniel and Revelation. But here, I felt, he got off on the wrong track somewhere. I just couldn't see what Turkey had to do with anything.

And that is how most people I've talked with see it as well.

Since then I have been able to study the subject thoroughly from all sides. And guess what? After carefully evaluating each of the other major approaches to Daniel 11, the view that makes the most sense to me now is Uriah Smith's explanation.

I think most people are like I was. The main reason they discount the pioneer view is because they haven't openly and objectively considered all the evidence.

In previous posts I have shared a lot about Daniel 11 and explained how the literal view of the chapter fits the historical record perfectly. In this post I am directing you to the paper I have prepared for this year's Daniel 11 conference in Berrien Springs, Michigan. In it I answer seven common objections to the pioneer view. You'll find the paper posted at under the 2021 Conference Papers.

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