Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sequence of Events From Christ's Resurrection to His Ascension

  1. A mighty angel calls Jesus to life. The Roman soldiers are terrified. They go to report what they have seen. (Matthew 28:2-4)
  2. Mary Magdalene arrives at the tomb. She sees the stone rolled away, then runs to tell the disciples. (John 20:1)
  3. The other women arrive at the empty tomb and meet two angels. They also go to find the disciples. (Luke 24:1-9)
  4. Mary finds Peter and John. They come and find the tomb empty. (John 20:2-10)
  5. Mary, who had followed them, remains at the tomb after Peter and John leave. She sees the two angels. Then Jesus appears to her. (John 20:11-16)
  6. Jesus goes to heaven to receive His Father’s approval. (John 20:17)
  7. Jesus returns and appears to Peter. (Luke 24:34; 1 Corinthians 15:5)
  8. Jesus appears to the two disciples on the walk to Emmaus. (Mark 16:12; Luke 24:13-32)
  9. The two disciples return to Jerusalem to tell the disciples in the upper room. There Jesus appears to all of them, Thomas missing. (Mark 16:13; Luke 24:33-49; John 20:19-23)
  10. Jesus appears one week later, Thomas being there. (Mark 16:14; John 20:24-29)
  11. Jesus meets seven of the disciples by the Sea of Galilee. (John 21:1-23)
  12. In the presence of about five hundred believers assembled on a mountain in Galilee, Jesus delivers the Great Commission. (Matthew 28:16-20; 1 Corinthians 15:6)
  13. Jesus appears to James (1 Corinthians 15:7)
  14. Jesus takes the disciples to the Mount of Olives, and from there ascends to heaven. (Luke 24:50, 51; Acts 1:9-11)

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