Monday, October 1, 2012

Making the Sabbath a Delight

Here are a few suggestions for making the Sabbath a special day:
  1. All week we look forward to the Sabbath and make plans for it, scheduling our week so that all secular activities will be completed before sundown on Friday.
  2. Friday is called the preparation day. We try to avoid extra activities on Friday that would hinder our Sabbath preparation. On that day we do our final housecleaning. We make sure all the food and clothing we will need on Sabbath is in readiness. The shoes are shined, the shirts are ironed, and the car is cleaned and filled with gas. As the children help in Sabbath preparation, the Sabbath becomes more special to them.
  3. At sundown on Friday the Sabbath begins. Before that time all secular papers and other matters have been laid aside in order to welcome God's happy day. The opening of the Sabbath finds the family, bathed and in clean clothes, gathered for worship and singing.
  4. In the winter, the longer Friday nights provide a special time for the family. Turn on some soft Sabbath music; or better yet, get out the instruments, or stand around the piano and sing. Gather by the fire and read stories of missionaries and our early church workers. Play a Bible game, or let each one recite his memory verses.
  5. Sabbath morning begins early with personal prayer, Bible study, and consecration to God. This is not a morning to sleep in. A special Sabbath breakfast has been prepared the day before. Sabbath music is playing as the family prepares for church.
  6. At Sabbath school and church, our dress and conversation and behavior show that we are there to worship God. We show reverence in God's house.
  7. Sabbath afternoons may be spent:
    • Walking in nature
    • Singing gospel hymns and playing instruments
    • Participating in church activities
    • Reading Sabbath books
    • Doing missionary work
    • Visiting the sick and elderly
    • Having a Bible study
    • Playing Bible games
    • Drawing or illustrating Bible stories
    • Finding and sharing spiritual object lessons
  8. At sunset, we close the Sabbath with worship. We praise God for the happy Sabbath we have enjoyed and ask for His blessing on the coming week.

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