Monday, April 14, 2014

The Closing Work

The Bible explains the closing work of Jesus in the heavenly sanctuary through a number of different expressions. This closing work is a significant focal point of Bible prophecy and of Christ's own teachings. Each one of the activities listed below describes the same process. It is a work that began at the end of prophetic history on October 22, 1844, and will conclude at the close of human probation when Jesus leaves the most holy place. Some Bible verses depict it as a singular event, perhaps even at a point in time after the fact, rather than expounding on the details of the process. That's because certain explanations only describe what is ultimately accomplished by the process, or its resulting product.

The Bible can correctly summarize the whole operation as a singe event because, as evidence indicates, the business was never intended to take much time. The measurement of prophetic time stopped in 1844. No set length of time was allotted for the closing work. It is a task to be accomplished, and as soon as it is done, Jesus will leave the sanctuary, probation will close, and the unrepentant will have no shelter.

Below are seven ways the Bible explains this closing work.

The Separation
Matthew 13:47-50  The Parable of the Net
Matthew 25:31-46  The Sheep and the Goats

The Harvest
Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43  The Wheat and the Tares
Revelation 14:14-20  The Two Harvests
Mark 4:26-29  The Harvest

The Sealing
Ezekiel 9:4  A Mark in the Forehead
Revelation 7:1-3  The Seal of the Living God
Revelation 14:1  The Father's name in the forehead
Revelation 22:11  Everyone's Condition is Fixed

The Wedding
Revelation 19:7-9  The Marriage of the Lamb
Luke 12:35, 36  The Wedding
Matthew 25:1-12  Meeting the Bridegroom
Matthew 22:1-14  The Wedding Garment
Revelation 3:4, 5, 18; 7:9, 13-15  White Raiment

The Kingdom Established
Revelation 11:15-17  The Seventh Trumpet
Daniel 2:34, 35, 44, 45  The Stone Mountain
Daniel 7:13, 14  The Son of Man Receives a Kingdom
Daniel 12:1  Michael Stands Up
Luke 19:12, 15  The Noble Who Receives a Kingdom

The Lawsuit
Romans 14:10-12  All Are Summoned
Daniel 7:9, 10  The Court Convenes
Revelation 14:6, 7  The International Press Release
Zechariah 3:1-5  The Plaintiff Brings Accusation
Revelation 4 & 5  The Jury and the Opening of the Depositions
Matthew 12:36, 37  The Evidence
Ecclesiastes 12:14  The Evidence
Romans 8:34  The Counsel for the Defense
Revelation 12:10, 11  The Verdict

The Cleansing of the Sanctuary
Hebrews 9  The Earthly and Heavenly Sanctuaries
Daniel 8:14  The Cleansing of the Sanctuary
Leviticus 16  The Day of Atonement
Revelation 11:1  Measuring the Temple, Altar, and Worshippers
Malachi 3:1-5, 16-18  The Lord Comes to His Temple

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