Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How Chronological is Revelation?

The first half of the book of Revelation contains three, roughly parallel lines of prophecy (churches, seals, trumpets), each of which spans the period of Christian history. The last half consists of a single line of prophecy covering the last days. Scattered throughout the book are brief, non-chronological, thematic interludes. But apart from those, each individual line of prophecy is basically chronological in itself.

Below are the main scenes in the second half of the book, with their corresponding chapters in parentheses. Notice the chronological flow:

Beast from the sea (13)
Beast from the earth (13)
Three angels' messages (14)
The harvest (14)
Seven last plagues (15, 16)
Fall of Babylon (17, 18)
Second coming of Jesus (19)
Thousand years (20)
New earth (21, 22)

For greater detail visit The Patmos Papers.

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